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Welcome to Complete Athlete, the go to trainer in Solihull area if you want to make a change in your life!

Hi, My name is Mike and I can help you to transform your body, hit some serious performance and gain and maintain good health and feel awesome!

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Do you want to change the winter tyre to a six-pack? Want a smaller waist or more muscle? Getting a great looking, healthy body has never been simpler! Whether you need a complete body makeover or some finishing touches the Complete Athlete nutrition and exercise programme has you covered! All in one personalised package to best suit your pocket and your busy timetable.

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Do you want to become run faster, jump higher, lift more? Do you want to get your tailor-made strength and conditioning programme for you sport or just to get more awesome? The Complete Athlete has the answers! The most up-to date training protocols are just a click away. Drop me a line to make a free appointment and discuss your goals and select the right package for your needs.

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No gym - no problem!

So you don’t have the time to go to the gym because traffic, work hours, family? Or maybe you either can’t currently afford a gym membership or are unwilling to spend money on one? You still want to be lean, strong and healthy, though.


Gumbo - a tasty, healthy recipe

Gumbo is a type of thick stew of uncertain geographical origins(everybody wants the claim to fame!), but usually assaciated with New Orleans. It freezes readily so is great to eat over a week of training. Depending on amounts of rice it can be tweaked towards higher or lower carb content. Apart from that you can expect a good serving of protein and relatively low fat. And it is a very, very tasty dish, which can’t be sneezed at.



Supplements are something I get asked about on an almost daily basis. What protein powder should I use? Have you heard about X? It’s supposed to burn fat and build muscle at the same time!


Finisher library

If you need to finish a workout on a strong note or do a micro-workout at home, here is a list of routines to give a try. Always note down your result, so you know what to try and beat the next time you attempt the same routine.